Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility

 The Urban Air Mobility is the future transportation dream becoming reality!

Ha-Meem Hussain a young engineer joined APSYS October 2017 after a three-year apprenticeship at Airbus Helicopters in the Engine department in the framework of her Aeronautics and space engineering degree with CNAM-ISAE.

The Urban Air Mobility aims to reshape transportation while megacities deal with traffic congestion on daily basis. Not only the Urban Air Mobility vehicles designs reflect the future but they are also environment friendly as they run on electric engines with no CO2 emissions and have low noise footprint. I support the development of an Airbus born project by identifying risks associated to nominal and off-nominal operations. Working on this technology is a challenge on daily basis & yet tremendously stimulating.

My main mission is to provide Designers with the safety criteria and scenario to be taken into account in order to provide the appropriate safe level to New Urban Air Concept. I also provide recommendations for functions’ implementation and compliance with rules and regulations. We work on finding the suitable safety strategies for these UAS using airplanes and helicopters safety basis.

APSYS is proud to be part of this journey. I am proud too! It’s a great opportunity to work on UAM problematics, It’s a strength to come up with new solutions, it’s a challenge to think beyond limits. Along APSYS, I’m proud to take part in this adventure.

3 values that I found in APSYS : Engagement toward its clients, Expertise in Aeronautical Safety, Team spirit. “

Ha-meem HussainUnmanned Air Systeme Safety Engineer