Industrial / global risk management & compliance

Rising environmental concerns translate into tighter, constantly evolving standards and regulations making sustainability compliance increasingly complex for global actors. While the latest standards are to be taken into account, companies face new risks and threats that can have dramatic consequences, from reputational damage to unforeseen environmental costs. Today’s risk management requires a sustainable Global Risk Management with full C-level attention.

Our risk assessment approach is designed to identify potential risk exposures over the end-to-end process (design, production, operations, maintenance and recycling). We support the supplier networks and distribution channels by detecting loss-causing scenarios before they happen. Mitigation plans cover the entire process and our team of certified consultants drives their compliance checks in-line with ISO 26000. From the execution of a permitting dossier for a biomass plant to a safety analysis for a wind farm facility, APSYS is a partner for industrial companies that seek to boost business and climate resilience.

Our impact

  • Protect people inside and outside the company
  • Avoid environmental disasters
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Protect reputation
  • Enhance sustainability rating
  • Foster climate and business resilience

We help to manage risks holistically

APSYS offers on-demand services, digital solutions and consulting to support organisations in achieving their sustainability objectives. With the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers we assist our clients in managing and mitigating the risks they face and enhance their sustainability.

  • Integrated end-to-end performance & sustainability risk management with simulation platforms
  • Risk identification & mapping
  • Regulatory framework & rating agencies compliance
  • Compliance with health & safety laws
  • Crisis management & resilience action plans
  • Human factors
  • Risk & sustainability data governance
  • Sustainability risk analytics