Sustainability Consulting

APSYS’ Sustainability Consulting team supports customers in achieving a safe and secure net-zero future.

We provide Sustainability Consulting services for all industries such as Aerospace, Transportation, Energy, Industrial and Urban Infrastructures.

  • Our vision is to work & partner with our customers for achieving their safety and net-zero emission targets in the years ahead by assuring a green & resilient transformation into the NEW WAYs of their business.
  • Our mission is to empower our clients in driving their net-zero initiatives:
    • By supporting the deployment of their corporate sustainability strategy (CSR management)
    • By securing their business and infrastructures (from compliance to global risk management approach)
    • By enhancing their innovative new offering and assets (through digital solutions)

The NEW WAYs are continuously enhanced by an inherent prospective & circular business understanding to empower our customers to focus on innovation. Our aim is to ensure that the latest investor, market, business, technology, regulatory environment standards and business requirements are met.

  • Our expertise is deeply rooted in our customers’ business & product life cycle. Our in-depth engineering and regulatory expertise, from eco-design to recycling, complemented by a dedicated open innovation mindset enables us to create the NEW WAYs in a safe, secure and competitive manner.
  • Our digital teams & tools support processes with proven simulation, risk management, business optimization & continuity, compliance demonstration, visualization and dash-boarding capabilities.

Our philosophy

Identify today’s risks & challenges and understand uncertainty & complexity

Green transformation comes with a lot of uncertainties while the imminent environmental risks require action. Moving ahead needs a strong commitment and a good understanding of what is at stake. Meeting the latest regulations and standards is key to stay in business.
Measuring the environmental footprint while tracking the impact relations of the ecosystems is vital to move ahead.

Make sustainable business manageable, drive and secure tomorrow’s NEW WAYs

To achieve net zero emissions we need to change the ways of life and the ways of business. This transformation brings new risks and challenges.
Rising uncertainty can only be managed by sound risk management. Global risk management takes into account the risks we face and the ones we face in the future via all ecosystems.

Global Risk Management allows us to simulate environmental impact so we can build more resilient business models. It allows us to predict change and the NEW WAYS impact making future uncertainty more manageable. Managing todays and tomorrow risks assures trustability. To achieve the goals we need innovation with digitalization as an enabler. Deep regulatory insight allows to develop new technologies and enhance regulations. We need a circular economic approach without compromising on safety and security.

Solutions & Services

  • Sustainability
  • Industrial / Global risk
    Management & compliance
  • Sustainability management
    System & reporting
  • Supply chain
    & process relations mapping

Sustainability Consulting News

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    Urban Infrastructures
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
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