Maintenance and Logistics
Management Solution

For more than 30 years AMASIS ensures aircraft airworthiness, availability and reliability worldwide. Meeting the highest safety and security standards for maintenance and logistics management AMASIS is applicable for all types of aircraft (commercial aircraft, helicopters, military jets and drones).

AMASIS can be deployed in a customer environment or hosted in the APSYS datacentre, which meets highest security standards.

AMASIS is scalable, flexible and customisable and according to individual requirements it can be connected to different OPS systems, mobility devices, ERP, costing, invoicing and analytics solutions via the AMASIS Gateway. AMASIS offers a standard reporting and BI package and can be directly connected to Skywise, the open data and analytics platform of Airbus.

Meeting tomorrow’s digital requirements AMASIS is being upgraded and integrated into a state-of-the-art maintenance planning solution developed by the data science team of APSYS.

Easily deployable and customisable, AMASIS ensures that maintenance activities are performed at a competitive cost. AMASIS is used by 60+ clients, manages 2,000+ aircraft of all types and supports 6,000+ connected users worldwide.

Added value

  • Compliance with international maintenance standards
  • Meeting highest safety and security requirements
  • High system availability and reliability
  • Comprehensive and robust solution
  • Scalable system from stand-alone to fully integrated
  • Customisation to business requirements (military, commercial aircraft operations to component services) high setting capabilities
  • Cost-effective aircraft maintenance
  • Access to advanced data analytics through Skywise-compatibility
  • Leading data science team ready to support specific requests

AMASIS Features

  • Airworthiness Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Maintenance Program Management
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Qualification & Man-power Planning
  • Production Management & Control
  • Supply Chain and Material Management
  • Component Management
  • Stock & Invoice Control

APSYS offers scalable customised software solutions

We offer customised implementations and we ensure that AMASIS fits the business needs of our clients.
Please contact us to learn more about AMASIS, our full range of services and fields of expertise.


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