Maintenance optimization system

Aircraft maintenance is in transition, with more and more operators applying flexible and individualised maintenance concepts and predictive maintenance. To translate this in bankable results in-depth planning, prediction and simulation capabilities are required.

SmartPlanif supports individualised task planning, the optimisation of maintenance slots over various locations, as well as optimised resource allocation (man-power, tools, spare parts, etc.) within the maintenance down time taking schedule constraints and cost into account. The prediction of future maintenance requirements as well as maintenance into service delays with their impact not only enhances planning stability, but also allows significant cost reductions. SmartPlanif predicts the short- and long-term maintenance downtimes required in alignment with the flight schedule.

Added value

  • Individualized task packaging enables an optimal utilisation of maintenance slots
  • Individualized maintenance downtimes in alignment with the flight schedule
  • Significant cut in maintenance reserves and unexpected findings
  • AI based automation of planning
  • Faster IOCC decision-making during disruptions
  • Reduction of maintenance delays and AOGs
  • Real-time integration with all planning and management relevant systems
  • Enhanced fleet utilisation and schedule robustness
  • Predictive maintenance based decision support
  • Real-time resource management and control of the status of work
  • Cost-effective maintenance planning and management
  • Adjustable and scalable scenario planning
  • Leading data science team ready to support specific requests


  • Maintenance Planning and Management
  • Scalable Maintenance Planning & Management Visualization
  • Aircraft Maintenance Status and Work Monitoring

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