Integrated logistic support

Simlog is an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) tool for the design phase of systems or products. It supports the modelling of an operational system with its logistic support system.

Simlog has been developed to predict, simulate and evaluate all elements of logistic support to reduce life support costs, to minimize delays due to unavailability, while ensuring quality and system performance.

With Simlog different ILS scenarios can be compared for an informed decision-making. It is used to optimise logistics and functional support, to assure the availability of resources, tools and material. For logistics and costing optimization the development, acquisition, operating, maintenance as well as end-of-life costs are taken into account. The ILS analysis can be performed on an existing system, in order to evaluate it and help to plan potential modifications or obsolescence.

Simlog calculates various ILS indicators such as Availability, Mean Up Time (MUT), Mean Down Time (MDT), Mean Logistics Delays (MLDT), Probability of Not Running out of Stock (PNRS), etc. It can also calculate the list of needed initial spares while taking into account stock constraints (minimum and maximum possible stock).

Added value

  • Scalable system with multiple alternative iterations
  • Optimisation of operational availability, maintenance and logistics
  • Improvement of maintenance policies
  • Detailed numerical results to help identify cost-driving elements

SIMLOG Features

  • Web application
  • Definition of maintenance tasks
  • Reliability diagram
  • Graphical visualisation supports decision-making and information sharing
  • Data can be exported/imported through Microsoft Excel
  • Optimization of spare parts
  • Computation of life cycle cost

APSYS offers scalable customised software solutions

Our digital and ILS consulting teams support a customised implementation, as well as a data and 3rd party results analysis. We provide ILS and IT consulting as well as customized trainings.
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