Security risk management

Fence is APSYS’ security risk management tool. Its flexibility enables the assessment and management of risks tailored to the various domains of security: information systems (IT), products, industrial systems (OT).

Fence focuses on EBIOS RM and also implements EBIOS 2010 risk assessment methodologies. It features dashboards and tools for the decision making at the end of the risk assessment, as well as risk treatment plan follow-up and risk monitoring.
Easily deployable, Fence is a web application built for collaborative work, on-premise deployable. Fence is also available as a standalone application, for air-gapped and restricted networks or for small projects.

Based on our unique expertise in security and risk management, and originally designed for our security consultants, we made Fence available to various clients, which include leading OEMs operating in the aerospace and rail industry.

Added value

  • End-to-end management of the risks, including all the steps of ISO 27005
  • Simplified risk assessment and treatment
  • User training by our security consultants
  • Possibility of combined training plan: risk assessment/management combined with Fence training
  • Tailored technical support from Apsys’ team specialised in demanding software
  • Easily deployable and secure by design

FENCE Features

  • ANSSI’s EBIOS RM risk assessment methodology
  • ANSSI’s former EBIOS 2010 methodology
  • Risk treatment plan follow-up
  • Risk monitoring dashboards
  • Compliance assessment & management
  • Security maturity assessment
  • Web application with both server and standalone modes

APSYS offers scalable customised software solutions

Our security consulting teams offer a wide range of services related to risk assessment and management, including customised trainings.
Please contact us to learn more about Fence, our full range of services and fields of expertise.