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Siemens and Apsys are launching a new service offer for Operators of Vital Importance (OVI)

As part of their partnership, Siemens Digital Industries and Apsys, a subsidiary of the Airbus Group specialising in cyber risk management, are creating a new service offer for their Operators of Vital Importance (OVI) customers. By combining their skills, the two partners propose to support the OVI in bringing their installations into compliance and in their certification procedures, by dealing with both the operating safety and cybersecurity of industrial systems.

In the context of the current health crisis and widespread teleworking, industrial digitalisation is accelerating. The interconnection of industrial equipment and networks and the bringing together of the IT and OT domains in order to upload data or manage machines remotely are becoming more widespread, creating an even more favourable environment for cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is therefore more than ever a major daily challenge for manufacturers of all sizes and in all markets.

As part of the partnership agreement signed in February 2020, Apsys, one of the most important players in cyber risk management and qualified PASSI LPM by ANSSI, and Siemens, a leader in automation and an expert in industrial process security whose S7-1500 is qualified by ANSSI at CSPN level and offers cybersecurity services, are pooling their respective expertise in order to meet all the cybersecurity needs and issues of their industrial customers.

The two partners are now proposing a new service offer dedicated to Operators of Vital Importance, in order to assist them in bringing their industrial systems into compliance with the approval procedures of the French Military Planning Law. Indeed, the Operators of Vital Importance are obliged to repeat this process every 3 to 5 years, depending on the evolution of the regulations.

This packaged offer has the major advantage of simultaneously addressing operational safety and cybersecurity in the industrial world in order to meet all the requirements of the Military Programming Law. Among the services offered, which each industrialist can choose according to his needs, there are in particular:

  • Support in the creation of the approval file, in full compliance with the regulatory requirements;
  • Services adapted to the core business to ensure risk control: risk analysis, gap analysis, audit, mapping, intrusion tests, training, etc.
  • Support in the evolution of the activity and risk management.

“The strength of our partnership lies in the complementary nature of our expertise. Siemens comes from the world of information technology and has a perfect understanding of the problems faced by manufacturers and production sites, while Apsys is an expert in cyber risks and the overall security of infrastructures thanks to its safety and cybersecurity experience. This allows us to support our industrial customers from A to Z, according to their needs, via a single channel,” comments Thomas Jauniaux, head of cybersecurity services at Siemens.

Apsys, an Airbus subsidiary, is delighted to join a national initiative to protect vital operators. By joining forces with Siemens, Apsys will mobilise its know-how to meet the various operational safety and cybersecurity needs of these players,” adds Yoann Moreau, head of cybersecurity offers at Apsys.

Siemens Digital Industries (DI) is a leading innovator in the fields of automation and digitalization. Working closely with partners and customers, DI is driving the digital transformation of the manufacturing and process industry. With its comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services, DI enables industrial companies of all sizes to integrate and digitalise the entire value chain, to meet a wide range of sectoral requirements and to increase productivity and flexibility. DI is constantly integrating new, forward-looking technologies into its offers. Siemens Digital Industries is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, and employs some 76,000 people worldwide.
Siemens France Holding is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology group. For 170 years in France, the name Siemens has been synonymous with technical performance, innovation, quality and reliability. Siemens is active in the fields of intelligent infrastructure for buildings, decentralised energy production, automation and digitalisation in the manufacturing and process industries. Siemens is working on the convergence of the digital and real worlds for the benefit of its customers and society as a whole. In addition, Siemens Mobility is a leading provider of intelligent mobility solutions for passenger and freight transport. With its listed subsidiary Siemens Healthineers AG, in which the Group holds a majority stake, the company is also a leading provider of solutions and services for the healthcare sector. In addition, Siemens holds a minority stake in Siemens Energy, a major player in the transmission, distribution and generation of energy, which was listed on the stock exchange on 28 September 2020.
With 6,000 employees, 6 industrial sites and 15 R&D and engineering sites, and more than 40 local agencies, Siemens France is actively involved in strategic sectors for French industry. As of September 30, 2020, the closing date of the last fiscal year, Siemens France recorded sales of €1.8 billion from continuing operations. For more information, please visit us on the Internet:

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