Siemens + Apsys, dual expertise for industry 4.0

The face of industry is constantly changing: the increasing interconnection of equipment in factories and the convergence of information systems with industrial systems are creating new breeding grounds for cyber attacks. The cybersecurity market is being structured accordingly, thanks to synergies between the companies involved. Indeed, a detailed understanding of the issues at stake in the world of IT and OT is, today, necessary to address the demands of customers operating sensitive sites. However, this holistic knowledge does not exist in one place. Proposing a global response that meets the technical characteristics of industrial sites is complex because practices differ from one sector to another.
For this reason, Siemens and Apsys have chosen to combine their know-how to create a combined packageof cutting-edge cyber security solutions, built on a complementary and synergistic approach.

Together, we will respond to all the needs and issues of our customers, particularly critical infrastructures, and assist them in bringing their information systems into compliance.