Smart mobility

The emergence of smart digital platforms promoting the smart mobility evolution, from connected vehicles to flying taxis and drones, comes with new challenges. A seamless integration of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) into continuously changing and digitalised transportation systems requires safety and security at product, infrastructure and human level.

Our holistic approach tackles the safety and security needs of smart mobility. APSYS assists in creating a safe environment enabling the validation, optimisation and creation of new intelligent mobility platforms and architectures. Leveraging our regulatory expertise in safety, we also advise on relations with the authorities and help to anticipate the standards that will emerge with the New ways of transportation. Our approach is holistic without losing sight of cybersecurity, data governance and sustainability.

Paving the way for tomorrow’s smart mobility is about creating a partnership ecosystem, we work with all key players, from industrial suppliers to OEMs, transport operators and cities.

Our impact

  • Safe & secure mobility platforms and related infrastructures
  • Optimisation and validation of complex system architectures
  • Modelling and simulation of smart mobility specific challenges (MBSE to MBSA)
  • Smooth integration of UAM into the airspace
  • Enhanced social acceptability and adoption of new mobilities

We help to build a smarter and safer mobility ecosystem

APSYS offers on-demand services, digital solutions and consulting to support organisations in achieving their safety and compliance objectives. With the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers we assist our clients in managing and mitigating the risks they face and enhance their sustainability.

  • Safety & risk analysis
  • Architecture design
  • Definition of conformity validation frameworks
  • Social acceptance and human factors