Safety compliance & certification

Compliance and certification gain more and more relevance beyond corporate safety. They are important contributors to global customer confidence in products, production sites, aviation and transportation in general. Safety approaches permit to study and control unexpected events, like failures and errors, affecting immediately or eventually human life, the integrity of products or its environment.

To master the increasing complexity of the next-generation industrial production and transportation systems, APSYS has developed an integrated safety approach encompassing the complete product life cycle, from design to production, operations, maintenance and recycling. We ensure compliance with current regulations and collaborate with stakeholders and regulators during the specification process to build the new standards for Smart Mobility and new transportation systems.

Besides our safety compliance related activities, we have 35 years in transportation with a solid cross-industry expertise in analysing and optimising complex system architectures. Our experienced hardware, software and systems design assurance engineers support our clients in developing tailored architectures and advise to enhance methodologies and processes. APSYS has a dedicated sustainability and human factors team supporting them in their efforts.

Our impact

  • 35 years in safety and quality assurance
  • Tailored architecture definition and optimisation
  • Standards compliance (ARP4754A, DO254, DO178B/C, …)
  • Aerospace Recommendation Practices (ARP 4761) guidelines and methods
  • Safety driven continuous performance and processes improvement
  • Safe innovation is our DNA
  • R&D engagement driving the standards of tomorrow

We ensure highest safety standards today and drive them forward

APSYS offers on-demand services, digital solutions and consulting to support organisations in achieving their safety and compliance objectives. With the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers we assist our clients in managing and mitigating the risks they face and enhance their sustainability.

  • Gap and risk analysis
  • Support for development design plans
  • Training in industry design assurance standards (ARP4754A, DO254, DO178B/C, ISO26262,…)
  • Systems, HW & SW design reviews and audits
  • Architecture analysis and recommendations for optimisation
  • Standards applicability and certification
  • System Safety Assessment (SSA)