Defence systems & infrastructures

Rising and continuously changing risks require intelligent and adaptive defence systems and infrastructures. To support the resiliency of the diverse forces, these systems and infrastructures also have to demonstrate scalability and interoperability.

APSYS is a trusted partner of the Ministry of the Armed Forces (DGA) on safety and security matters. Our services offer to governments and defence companies is organised around the following areas of expertise:

Nuclear Deterrence

Nuclear deterrence is a strategic component of the French armed forces. The mastering of nuclear state of the art is key to national sovereignty. Safety, security, availability and logistic support are day-to-day challenges for the Minister of the Armed Forces and the industrial and engineering companies involved in systems development and infrastructures upgrade. We have provided expertise, consultancy and cross-feedback for all stakeholders for more than 35 years in the fields of safety and security.

Collaborative Combat

Collaborative Combat requires the implementation of complex system platforms with strong interoperability and interconnection requirements. The certification, modelling, deployment and obsolescence management of scalable system of systems require an in-depth understanding of the complex technologies they integrate, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to our multi-disciplinary consultants, we have developed a thorough knowledge in complex systems studies. We are recognised for our specialists in Model Based System Analysis, using digital solutions amongst which are powerful in-house tools.

Support to Engineering

We leverage our multi-disciplinary expertise in safety, security, maintainability and availability to support defence clients in their system development programmes and in related infrastructures projects.

Our impact

  • Optimised readiness and availability of nuclear systems
  • Enhanced safety throughout the full life-cycle of nuclear systems
  • Highly interoperable collaborative combat platforms
  • Scalable system of systems
  • Safe & secure military infrastructures

We augment trust in the most critical defence projects

APSYS offers on-demand services, digital solutions and consulting to support defence clients in achieving their safety and compliance objectives. With the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers we assist our clients in managing and mitigating the risks they face and enhance their sustainability.

  • Nuclear Safety
  • RAMS and ILS
  • Design assurance
  • Fire and explosion
  • Pyrotechnics risk analysis
  • Lightning (QualiFoudre)
  • Human factors
  • Product security
  • Training
  • Tools, licences and support