GDPR Request

If you wish to obtain information on the processing of personal data managed by Apsys or to exercise your rights on the data concerning you, please use this form or print it and post it to the following address: “Apsys, Data Protection Manager, 37 Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen, 31700 Blagnac, France”.

*Data marked with an asterisk must be provided. Otherwise, we will be unable to process your request.

Apsys SAS (37 avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen, 31700 Blagnac, France) collects your personal data in order to manage the requests to exercise the rights of the persons concerned. This form will be processed and managed by the Apsys Data Protection Manager and the data will be kept for an overall period of 6 years.

 If you have any questions about the  personal data processing or if you want to exercise your rights under this form, please make an additional request to the one you are currently completing.

To find out more about the processing of your data, please consult our detailed instructions.