Offensive security

Offensive Security consists in testing applications, network infrastructures and products from an adversary perspective and with specific goals in mind according to client needs. Offensive Security helps organisations to gain visibility on their potential vulnerabilities and to proactively prevent them from being exploited.

Our Offensive Security services include Penetration Testing (also known as Pentest) and Red Team activities. Both aim at identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities of the targeted system and/or organisation and propose security best practices and mitigation techniques. While Penetration Testing focuses on a delimited target scope within a short time window, Red Teaming targets four different security fields (Social Engineering, Physical Security, OSINT and Pentest) on a wider scope and on a longer period.

Our consultants are experts in both penetration testing and red teaming, their background range diverse IT fields allowing us to cover a wide range of technologies.

Our Impact

  • Experts on the cyber kill chain framework
  • Multiple complementary skills on the ever evolving cyber landscape
  • From a Blackbox to a Whitebox approach

We identify risks before they materialise

APSYS Cybersecurity Consulting offers on-demand services and consulting projects to address specific challenges posed to organisations with the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers.
Our consultants have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and are highly adaptable and able to diagnose, analyse and synthesize complex problems, as well as transmit the most essential information to decision makers. They are supported by a network of experts on a variety of topics and fields of security expertise organised by Centers of Competence.

APSYS offers a holistic, agile and comprehensive expertise adjusted to the specific needs of our clients. Please contact us to learn more about our range of services and fields of expertise.