Modelling Specialist

Modelling Specialist

Accidental Phenomena

At APSYS, expertise, quality of services and opportunities are at the centre of our preoccupations.
I have always had a particular interest in discovering and understanding the phenomena and activities that surround us. This led me to pursue my studies in the field of applied sciences at the INSA in Rouen where I discovered the field of numerical modelling. This consists of producing a simulation of physical reality using a model and computer technologies.
I did my end-of-studies internship at APSYS and, in 2014, I had the opportunity to join the Modelling team to deal with aspects related to industrial risks. This allowed me to apply modelling, with the objective of analysing and controlling dangerous physical phenomena in an industrial context (explosions, fire, atmospheric dispersion of pollutants).

Our team is able to understand, accurately represent and analyze these dangerous phenomena. This enables us to propose solutions in terms of prevention, protection or risk reduction at source that can be integrated into existing or planned industrial installations!

Working at APSYS means being part of a dynamic team and having the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of projects and innovative subjects, but also to pursue the development of knowledge on R&D type subjects (new technologies, energy, hydrogen, etc.).

Industrial risk management is today essential to look to the future with confidence. Within this framework, APSYS is involved by accompanying industrialists in sustainable and innovative projects, with important stakes in terms of safety and environmental protection in the long term.
3 values : Expertise – Autonomy – Compassion

Alban MahonModelling Specialist