Transportation & Smart Mobility

The way people and goods move around is expected to dramatically change in the next decades. New ways of working and living trigger new forms of transportation needs with electrified, connected and now autonomous vehicles reshaping urban commuting. Tomorrow’s multimodal transportation systems will get more complex when integrating new aerial and ground transportation modes (AV, EV, UAV, UAMs), which will be more intelligent and smarter to meet future business and living requirements as well as more sustainable and greener. With cyber and physical risks being addressed as of vital importance, environmental threat mitigation moves into the focus. Tomorrow’s sustainable – zero emissions transportation systems require a holistic approach coupled with cross-industry, engineering and digital expertise.

As a leader in safety and security for aerospace and aviation, APSYS has expanded its expertise across automotive, rail and naval. Our consultants leverage their knowledge of system life cycle to help our clients in mitigating cyber and physical risks. Our support to the design of safe and sustainable architectures spans across all transportation systems and is supplemented by our maintenance optimisation offer that translates into strong savings for our clients. We provide support to achieve leading edge innovations with a structured and straight forward validation framework making approval and certification barriers predictable and removable. We support the product life cycle of autonomous systems where we have pioneered in setting standards and frameworks for augmented trust and successfully implemented these frameworks for various platforms.


  • 35+ years experience in supporting blue-chip players across the aerospace, aviation, automotive, rail and naval industries
  • Deep insight into global risk assessment methodologies: RAMS, FTA, HAZOP, FHA, FMEA,…
  • Holistic approach throughout the system life cycle (design, production, operation, maintenance, recycling) and across all value chains
  • Recognised scientific expertise in the complex topics that are reshaping the industry: hydrogen, sustainable fuels, cyber threats,…
  • In-depth expertise in complex systems validation, including systems embedding AI/ML algorithms
  • ISO 26000-compliant consultants with solid experience of the main ESG reporting frameworks and sustainable development legislation