Public Sector & Smart Cities

As public sector and cities become increasingly digitalised, connected and intelligent, they also deal with highly sensitive and confidential data, making them a prime target for cyberattacks. Smart cities will use more data and new technologies to make better decisions for more efficient, responsive and sustainable cities. Data, assets and processes need to be protected against both digital and physical threats. Climate risks and their socio-economic impact need to be mitigated by more energy efficient infrastructures and systems. Cities need to focus on energy, buildings and transport, and adopt sustainability by-design, smart integration of green renewable energies into future mobility to achieve their zero-emissions goal.

APSYS is a trusted partner for public institutions and companies engaging in the development of smart and sustainable cities. Through the design of validation frameworks, our R&D team works in close collaboration with players involved in the development of the autonomous systems that contribute to make cities smarter. We combine safety and cybersecurity expertise related to infrastructures and mobile systems with a comprehensive range of sustainability services such as audit of energy use, maintenance optimisation and Sustainability Management System (SMS) design and implementation.


  • Deep insight into global risk assessment methodologies: FTA, HAZOP, FHA, FMEA,…
  • Unique dual expertise in IT and OT security
  • Qualified advice and privacy impact assessments on all aspects of data protection compliance including European GDPR and export control
  • In-depth expertise in complex systems validation, including systems embedding AI/ML algorithms
  • ISO 26000-compliant consultants with solid experience of the main ESG reporting frameworks and sustainable development legislation