Public Sector & CNI

The public sector and Critical National Infrastructure over the world are increasingly connected and dependent on information and communication systems.

The fact that the public sector deals with highly sensitive and confidential data, makes them a target for state-sponsored cyberattacks. Furthermore, as most sensors and industrial robots are now connected to the Internet, the security of CNI such as water production plants, energy networks or essential industrial processes has become an issue of major importance and a priority for governments.

APSYS Cybersecurity Consulting works closely with governments and CNI by providing consulting services to defend their data, assets and industrial processes against cyber and physical threats.


  • Experts at protecting complex and highly connected systems and industrial plants
  • Unique dual expertise in IT and OT security
  • Deep background on how to navigate the authorities security requirements and on how to address compliance of CNI
  • Qualified advice and privacy impact assessments on all aspects of data protection compliance including european GDPR and export control

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Portfolio for Critical National Infrastructure

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