Industrial & Critical National Infrastructure

Industrial sites and Critical National Infrastructures (CNI) are increasingly connected and dependent on information and communication systems. Managing the 4th industrial revolution is not only about digitalization. 4.0 transforms the ways of business, technologies applied, products and B2B and B2C relations. Digitalisation has led to the emergence of cyber threats putting production plants, energy networks or essential industrial processes at higher and new risk exposures. As uncertainty rises and new threats related to climate change are emerging, industrial sites and CNI require a smarter and holistic approach to risk management in line with changing regulations to assure safety, security and sustainability compliance, while assuring infrastructure resilience.

Leveraging our 35+ years’ expertise in risk management with a holistic approach, we are a well established and trusted partner for industrial firms and public authorities eager to ensure the safety and security of their most critical sites. Our offer combines proven tools to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks, such as pentest and the design and implementation of Security Management Systems (SeMS), to our strong expertise in sustainability that we put into practice through industrial risk management, compliance checks or the design of crisis management and resilience action plans.


  • Deep insight into global risk assessment methodologies: RAMS, FTA, HAZOP, FHA, FMEA,…
  • Certified by the DGPR/DREAL to ensure the safety of various Critical National Infrastructures (CNI) and SEVESO-classified sites
  • Unique dual expertise in IT and OT security
  • Strong cooperation background with authorities on safety and security requirements and on how to address compliance of CNI
  • Qualified advice and privacy impact assessments on all aspects of data protection compliance including European GDPR and export control
  • Data science team driving risk management and AI developments for clients