The transition towards renewable and clean energy systems is under way with key players laying the groundwork for a net-zero economy. Greentech start-ups shake up the market, while traditional players pair evolution with revolution by moving towards electrification and adding hydrogen and CCUS technologies to their portfolio. These next-gen technologies come with new threats that span over the production, transport, storage and distribution of energy which can only be addressed by cutting-edge risk management capabilities.

APSYS has long been a trusted partner for energy companies, with an expertise covering the design phase of infrastructures, ongoing maintenance and dismantling. We also excel at ensuring the safety of nuclear and other energy critical sites and have unparalleled experience with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) regarding the production, transportation, liquefaction, storage and distribution phases. From the execution of permitting dossiers to safety analysis and consequence modelling, our experts contribute to build sustainable systems featuring lower life-cycle costs, thus giving our clients a competitive edge.


  • Deep insight into global risk assessment methodologies: RAMS, FTA, HAZOP, FHA, FMEA,…
  • Experience on multiple facilities: production, transportation, liquefaction, gas treatment, storage,…
  • Holistic approach throughout the system life cycle (design, production, operation, maintenance, recycling) and across all value chains
  • DGRP/DREAL trusted third party to ensure the safety of various energy infrastructures
  • ISO 26000-compliant consultants with solid experience of the main ESG reporting frameworks and sustainable development legislation