Defence institutions face more complex and continuously changing environments with new risks and threats. The defence sector also faces a new industrial revolution which comes along with digital transformation. Defence platforms need the highest system availability and reliability while mastering the latest safety and security standards. While integrating leading innovative and intelligent technologies, systems will be increasingly model based to reach scalability. Related systems, infrastructures, technologies and energy supply will need to meet tomorrow’s requirements while still being fully operational at all times.

APSYS has been engaged with defence industrials and engineering companies on safety, security, dependability and interoperability. We have a thorough knowledge in complex system studies, offering added value services to address the diverse challenges of collaborative combat. We are also a trusted partner of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces to support nuclear deterrence, providing safety and security support throughout the life cycle of nuclear systems and the related military air bases and naval infrastructures. APSYS’ empowered teams have all security clearance to operate with our client teams on site or from back office in our secured premises.


  • 35+ years experience in supporting leading defence companies
  • Fully owned subsidiary of Airbus and labelled “Entreprise Partenaire de la Défense” from French Ministry of Armed Forces
  • In-house developed modelling software tailored to defence specific needs: SIMFIA NEO (MBSA), SIMLOG (ILS),…
  • Holistic approach throughout the system life cycle (design, production, operation, maintenance, recycling) and across all value chains
  • Back office teams supporting the client (ex-situ support) or integration in client’s core project team (in-situ support)
  • Global risk management over all ecosystems
  • Experts in safety, cyber security, sustainability and climate-security