Civil Aviation

The civil aviation ecosystem is a target of choice for malicious actors due to its safety-critical systems as well as its condition as an enabler of global trade.

Digitalization exposes aviation to threats arising from both internal and external fronts: increased use of smart devices from travelers and employees and the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) into industrial control systems in commercial aviation facilities.

Innovation and digitalization is leading to a hyper-connected reality in which some critical assets that are currently segregated are now being interconnected. Airlines, airports, MROs and ANSPs will become a fully integrated ecosystem. In this context, a vulnerability on weakly protected non-critical assets may lead to an overall failure of the aviation ecosystem.

APSYS Cybersecurity Consulting, as a security competency center of Airbus, a global leader in aviation, is committed to improving the physical and cyber security maturity of the aviation ecosystem.


  • APSYS long term oriented approach is granted by its roots in the aerospace industry as a fully owned subsidiary and security competency center of Airbus
  • Deep background on how to navigate the aviation authorities security requirements and on how to address global compliance in the aviation ecosystem
  • Expertise in the protection of multiple interconnected stakeholders and their connected systems
  • Qualified advice and privacy impact assessments on all aspects of data protection compliance including european GDPR and export control

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