Aircraft, helicopter, satellite, spacecraft, parts and equipment manufactures have always been driven by strict safety requirements.

With Aerospace 4.0 in full swing, cyber security and digitalisation require utmost attention in times of transformation. The commercial aerospace industry, with numerous suppliers, regulators and customers integrated into a seamless product life-cycle and supply chain, now faces the next revolution of how to manage the economic impact of the pandemic while addressing sustainability and meeting decarbonisation targets. The climate emergency urges the entire ecosystem to embrace drastic sustainability measures such as clean and green renewable energies.

In one of the most regulated industries, a new pioneering spirit is required to collaboratively develop tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies that will enable the industry to reach net zero emissions by 2050, while integrating ‘traditional’ modes of air transport into future advanced air mobility concepts with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft.

For more than 35 years, our consultants have supported clients in ensuring the highest safety and security standards in design, production, operations, maintenance and recycling. We support aerospace suppliers, satellite launch companies, airlines, MROs, the energy and public sector, regulators, universities and institutions. Leveraging this unique cross-industry expertise, we are also engaged in the development and deployment of new solutions like UAVs, sustainable aircraft development and H2 supply chain management, amongst others. With our strong risk management expertise, we pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.


  • 35+ years of cross-industry engineering & business experience
  • Engrained holistic and circular economy approach
  • Deep insight into global risk assessment methodologies: RAMS, FTA, HAZOP, FHA, FMEA,…
  • Fully dedicated safety regulations & compliance engineering teams ensure latest safety standards are applied
  • Digital transformation insight & solutions (robotics & human factors, risk analysis software tailored for aerospace: SIMFIA NEO, SIMLOG,…)
  • Cybersecurity Excellence Centre of Airbus
  • Recognised scientific expertise in hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels, cyberthreats, predictive maintenance,…