Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace industry is a global and highly interconnected sector that integrates multiple stakeholders and a complex and interdependent supply chain.

While security risks have historically been assessed from a physical security standpoint, today enforced state level regulations require system design, risk mitigation demonstration and applied security governance. Furthermore, the increasing digitization of aerospace products and industrial assets are accelerating the cybersecurity risk. As the weakest link in the ecosystem defines the resilience of the whole industry, its protection against cyberthreats require a holistic and systemic approach.

Likewise, the defence industry’s critical military infrastructures and systems are increasingly being connected over the internet, thus making them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Given the stakes for the defense industry of keeping highly classified information safe, considerable resources are devoted to systems to keep this data safe.

APSYS Cybersecurity Consulting has worked closely with Aerospace and Defence OEMs and suppliers for many years by providing consulting services to defend their products and assets against cyber and physical threats.


  • APSYS long term oriented approach is granted by its roots in the aerospace and defence
    industry as a fully owned subsidiary and security competency center of Airbus
  • Experts at protecting complex and highly connected products and systems
  • Unique dual expertise in IT and OT security
  • Expertise in the protection of multiple interconnected stakeholders
  • Deep background on how to navigate the authorities security requirements and on how to
    address compliance and homologation in the aerospace and defence industries.

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