Security challenges & reliability of sustainable industry

The major challenges for the development of the hydrogen sector in France are now largely shared and have made it possible to develop the roadmap supported by France Hydrogène:

To massify the production of hydrogen, to develop its uses, to revitalise the territorial ecosystems, so many challenges are to be taken up for which the numerous players in the sector are mobilising.

Beyond these major challenges, other aspects remain essential to the success and viability of the sector: social acceptability and the availability of hydrogen, which underpin responses in terms of the safety and reliability of systems and infrastructures, are indeed essential!

As an illustration, the PCAET (Territorial Climate, Air and Energy Plan) workshops in the territories are gathering valuable information from citizens. When consulted on the subject of hydrogen, the public often expresses a favourable opinion of this new energy vector, which is well perceived as a “renewable” energy. However, one of the frequent points of questioning concerns the danger of this energy and the safety of new systems using hydrogen, particularly for mobility.

Safety, security, sustainability by design

With more than 800 employees and a turnover 90 million in 2021, APSYS has a strong presence in the aeronautics sector, its original field of activity.
Airbus’ ambition to develop hydrogen-powered aircraft by 2035 mobilises many of APSYS’ resources, recognised as the group’s centre of excellence on the subjects of “safety, security and sustainability”.

“Our affiliation with the Airbus group allows us to make the most of the transfer of know-how between industrial sectors,” emphasises Pierre Sécher.

Sustained growth and resource needs

Therefore, around this issue of risk control, to which more and more attention is being given, APSYS has the skills to understand industrial systems and processes and to propose technical and organisational risk control measures adapted to each sector of activity and its challenges. The teams, which are mainly made up of engineers, have been strengthened by more than 320 people in 2021 and are continuing to develop. Recruitment is varied in the specialities of the sectors: aeronautics, transport, defence, chemical industry, energy. APSYS is looking for expert profiles in risk management, sustainable development or even cybersecurity.



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