APSYS secures and optimises hydrogen projects

Specialised in the field of risk management, APSYS offers a range of services aimed at maintaining the continuity of service of its clients' systems and installations with a view to the sustainability of their activities.

APSYS' expertise, with 35 years of experience in the aeronautics, space and energy sectors, is recognised by its customers as a guarantee of safety excellence.


“We carry out studies and put together files to demonstrate that all the systems and infrastructures meet the performance goals that have been set, whether in terms of regulatory compliance, level of security or availability. We have historically provided services in the field of reliability and industrial risk, but also in the field of cybersecurity for systems that are increasingly connected and therefore more vulnerable. APSYS’ added value is to combine reliability, safety and industrial security with digital tools to offer a global and modern approach to risk management.”


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Hydrogen station at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport

“The technical challenges imposed by the use of liquefied hydrogen require rethinking the entire design and redeveloping the safety demonstrations that will allow authorities to issue future airworthiness certificates.”

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