France Hydrogène & APSYS

France Hydrogène

France Hydrogène (ex-AFHYPAC) is an association that brings together the stakeholders in the French hydrogen industry structured along the entire value chain: major industrial groups developing large-scale projects, innovative SMEs and start-ups supported by laboratories and research centers of excellence, associations, competitive clusters and local authorities mobilized for the deployment of hydrogen solutions.

France Hydrogène acts as a privileged interlocutor of the Public Authorities for:

  • Structuring a high-performance, competitive and innovative French hydrogen sector,
  • To share and promote the challenges of the sector,
  • To publicize the benefits and characteristics of the technologies,
  • Facilitate societal consultation on national objectives and local initiatives,
  • To develop the regulatory framework to support the deployment of hydrogen technologies in France.

Its ambition: to accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions to make a success of the energy transition, reindustrialize the territory and create value locally to improve the quality of life for all.

APSYS joins France Hydrogène and positions itself as a key player to address the safety, the security and the sustainability challenges of the sector. APSYS supports the whole hydrogen supply chain, from industrial & urban infrastructures to transportation & mobile systems. The services provided (governance, audit, compliance, risk management, risk engineering, etc.) focus on business continuity, safety & security of systems and facilities as well as sustainability.