Fire risk study

Fire risk study

“After graduating as a Building & Safety Engineer at ISTIA (Institute of Engineering Sciences and Engineering of Angers), I joined APSYS in September 2018 as a research engineer.

Passionate since my childhood by fire phenomenology and all sciences gravitating around this field, I naturally established my studies around the management of security (especially fire safety) within buildings. My eight years as a volunteer firefighter have allowed me to connect scientific studies with the operational side of the field.

My main tasks consist of carrying out fire safety studies for existing or future installations in the energy field.
My role is to guarantee the respect of the current regulations while making sure that all measures put in place make it possible to maintain the safety of the installation facing the fire risk.

We cannot eliminate the danger, but my studies help to implement prevention / protection solutions that significantly reduce the fire risk.
My missions allow me to apply my skills in the field of analysis and the study of risk. My daily life at APSYS allows me to develop and optimize my technical expertise in these fields.

3 key points that I found in APSYS : The technical expertise of the most experienced, the trust in the managers and project managers and the autonomy I have to execute my missions.”

Richard ClemenceauStudies engineer