Dynamic modelling

Dynamic modelling testimony

Graduate of the Institute of Sciences and Engineering of Angers in the field of operational safety, at the completion of my internship in March 2018 I had the opportunity to continue working within APSYS.

 On a daily basis, I provide support for security studies on systems developed in the automotive field.
The purpose of these studies is to identify potential security risks for the client and to issue requirements to cover these risks. In some cases, security studies are based on dynamic modeling using SIMFIA software.

Risk coverage is ensured by both functional and technical requirements, and also by the setting up of diagnostics. These diagnostics will be directly implanted within the vehicle. They will either allow the customer to be made aware of a risk by a warning light, or switch the system to a safe state, with the main objective of continuing to ensure the protection of the customer.

The different activities I carry out are based on the ISO 26262 standard.

For me, it is very instructive to be able to work on solutions that we will find in many vehicles in the near future.
I mainly use my expertise in the field of dependability; APSYS has given me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in the field of automotive systems which I can then put to good use.

3 values that I found in APSYS : Expertise, Commitment, Cooperation”

Marouane OubaiabraDependability engineer