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Progressing together is key for APSYS. Learn, develop and perform a customer service culture, a cutting-edge expertise and inspiring leadership.

Embrace our core values:

  • Ethics is a driver for respect and integrity, for people and business relationships. It defines our guideline in what we have to do and how we daily act in our professional life.
  • Customer culture is based on our agility to deliver on time, on cost and on quality. Beyond, we believe in a Customer eXperience feeding the relationship and satisfaction to always serve with integrity and highest professional standards
  • Leadership is a key competence, through the ability of our employees to appropriate the different forms of intelligence (emotional, collective, situational and artificial), in a technological and digital world.
  • Learning culture is one of our DNA’s key-elements, widely supported by our company
  • Innovation & sustainability are the drivers of our high-tech activities for a safe, secure and sustainable business/world
  • Well-being is embodied by each one and integrated in our management and HR philosophy
  • Diversity is promoted for developing an inclusive work environment that promotes the development and accomplishment of its employees



average age of
our employees


are women.
They all have their place
in the community of experts/consultants

Our people

Industrial Risks and Environment

Célia Gaffric

Fire stability

Grégory Bonomeau

An experience in CHINA

Yuwei (Jade) WANG

Volunteering in Equadorian Amazon

Pierre Brossard

Risk management in space sector

Guillaume Poudoulec

Supporting companies in data protection

Charlène Colbeau

Modelling Specialist

Alban Mahon

Digital project, IA and collaborative actions

Jérémy Machado


From bachelor’s degree to thesis, joining our teams means having the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and to gain experience with concrete and rewarding assignments. Innovative spirit, technical skills and motivation will be important assets in a stimulating environment.


Starting your career with us is an opportunity to develop your skills by working on excellent, high-tech projects for clients in various sectors. The values of team spirit and trust will be necessary vectors of motivation and well-being.


Joining our teams allows you to contribute your expertise to the technological challenges of tomorrow, to pass on your knowledge and to join technical communities, to guarantee a secure future, in a context of major ecological transition. To perform, multiple career opportunities will be a source of personal and professional fulfilment.

Training catalogue

Our security, safety and certification trainings in the aerospace, transport, energy and defence sectors are designed to equip you with the skills you need to meet your challenges and the needs of your organization.