APSYS, CAPGEMINI and UTAC CERAM Millbrook,  join forces for the future of automotive cybersecurity.

Linas-Montlhéry, March 11th, 2021. APSYS, Capgemini and UTAC CERAM Millbrook have today announced the signing of a partnership agreement in the field of automotive cybersecurity, a major issue for connected vehicles.

APSYS, Capgemini and UTAC CERAM Millbrook combine their skills to offer, in line with the ISO21434 standard, intrusion tests on all types of vehicles (shuttles, cars, trucks, military vehicles, etc.) in an environment as close as possible to real traffic conditions: city, highway, intercity…. In addition, the TEQMO Autonomous Vehicle Test Center offers optimal security to push these tests to their extremes with the latest technology of today. These tests simulate driving conditions and identify potential functionality issues.

Autonomous, automated and connected vehicles of levels 2 and 3 always embed more and more technologies (radio, GPS, Wifi, etc.), to allow their operation and connectivity with their environment. Cybersecurity then becomes a major challenge in their development. Each user can understand the consequences of hacking infotainment elements but is not necessarily aware of the critical implications that can occur on functions that are much more essential for safety, such as braking, engine management, steering / navigation. Several experiments conducted by teams of ethical hackers proved that flaws could be detected upstream, preventing real attacks that could have serious consequences. In addition, in the age of the Internet of Things, data confidentiality is crucial with the required security of information exchanges between vehicles and/or infrastructure and other connected objects. These cybersecurity challenges do not only concern passenger cars, but also public transport vehicles, trucks and military vehicles.

“Automotive cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar in the development and deployment of autonomous and connected vehicles around the world. Our Group has all the legitimacy, both historical and technological, to become a key player, with the collaboration of Capgemini and APSYS.” declared Laurent Benoit, CEO of UTAC CERAM Millbrook.

“APSYS is delighted to join a national initiative aimed at protecting human lives: this founding credo which presided over our steps at AIRBUS should give us confidence in the future of the automobile industry. By joining forces with the best, by equipping itself with the best equipment, alongside ANSSI, APSYS will mobilize its know-how to ensure that cybersecurity in the automotive sector is a key future differentiator.” said Christian Forestier, CEO APSYS

“In an increasingly connected environment, manufacturers and suppliers need to put in place the foundations and governance of vehicle cybersecurity. Capgemini is partnering with UTAC CERAM Millbrook and APSYS to enable industry players to assess the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures within the finished product in the most realistic situations possible. This is a unique offer.” said Didier Appell, cybersecurity manager OT/IoT of Capgemini.

About UTAC CERAM Millbrook Group:
UTAC CERAM Millbrook is a market-leading group in vehicle testing, type approval and emerging technologies for autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. It provides services and systems to customers in the automotive, transport, tyre, petrochemical and defence industries. The group delivers regulation & homologation support, special vehicles conversion and test systems as well as training, consulting, audit and certification, technical inspection, standardisation and events. UTAC CERAM Millbrook operates 8 test centres – in France (including the official Euro NCAP facility), the UK (including the 5G-enabled Millbrook Proving Ground), the USA and Finland; it has subsidiaries in Germany, Russia, China and Japan. The group will be opening a proving ground in Morocco in 2021. UTAC CERAM Millbrook employs around 1280 people across its various locations. In 2019, the group recorded turnover of €173 million.
About APSYS:
A subsidiary of AIRBUS, APSYS is a consulting and research company based in Toulouse. It specializes in the reliability, cyber protection and support of transport systems as well as industrial infrastructures, in compliance with environmental requirements. The company is involved in the design, manufacturing and operating phases of products and also develops digital solutions. It employs more than 600 people worldwide (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, China), with a turnover of €66 million in 2019.
About Capgemini:
Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. The Group is guided everyday by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. It is a responsible and diverse organization of 270,000 team members in nearly 50 countries. With its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry expertise, Capgemini is trusted by its clients to address the entire breadth of their business needs, from strategy and design to operations, fueled by the fast evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms. The Group reported in 2020 global revenues of €16 billion

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