An experience in UK

An experience in UK

Before joining APSYS I only had two interships, one as a Design and Stress Engineer in 2015 and the other one as Safety & Reliability Engineer in 2016-2017.
I would say that I’ve vastly developed my career in APSYS as I’ve gone from Junior Safety Engineer to Project Manager and Team Leader in just 3 years.

“Work as safety engineers is fundamental […] to ensure the appropriate safe level to the aircraft.”

Since my arrival in 2017, I have always been working for Airbus Commercial Aircraft here in Filton, UK. At the beginning I was working on the R&T projects and continuing my progression with safety tasks for all the Airbus Commercial programmes.

In these 3 years, I have been able to cover all the Safety processes.
In 2019, along with my work as Safety Engineer, I was promoted to Manager and therefore I started doing managerial tasks until becoming finally the Project Manager and Team Leader of the APSYS UK team. This team, despite being small (only 5 people), feels like a family and have shown its strength over the years. They make my work much easier than it really is.

Contribution to a sustainable, innovative and secure future

Safety is a key part in the design of an aircraft and hence, our work as safety engineers is fundamental by providing designers the safety criteria and scenarios to be taken into account in order to ensure the appropriate safe level to the aircraft.

Values : Teamwork – Diversity – Expertise

Pablo FEIXAS LOPEZSafety Engineer / Project Manager / Team Leader / APSYS UK Manager