35 years, a great journey in the world of safety and security

In April 1985, APSYS began its history with 10 passionate engineers with the objective of developing innovative methodologies for industrial risk analysis. Today, this adventure continues and Apsys has become a great company, well established in the Safety and Security landscape. An evolution that has both anticipated and followed the major industrial developments. Thanks to our people, innovations and the acquisition of numerous skills, our field of action has broadened to become, in 35 years, a source of reference with unique expertise.

APSYS is today a 100% Airbus subsidiary and a leader in the Industrial Safety and Security market. Present in many countries and sectors such as aeronautics, energy, defence and space, our company possesses the necessary skills and experience to be there. We follow products and services, throughout their lifecycle, in their design, production and life to optimise their secure qualities.

Our signature “Augmented trust” defines our commitment and philosophy. We see safety and security as a source of sustainable progress for people and businesses.